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Spring Break Beauty Tips

3 ways to accentuate and protect your natural beauty as you revel in your spring time sabbatical  

March has arrived, and spring break is the only thing on our minds. As you prepare to escape reality and trade the office for an oasis, it is important to start thinking about how to adjust your beauty regime accordingly. Here are our Sherpani-approved tips that will take your natural beauty to the next level while you enjoy the sand, snow or city.


Tip 1: Essential SPF

            Whether you burn, tan or find yourself somewhere in the middle, from sea to summit, your skin craves protection from the sun. This is absolutely essential to your skins health, especially if you are going to be spending extended periods of time in harsh, direct sunlight. More important than applying sunscreen? Reapplying. Do your absolute best to reapply every 2 hours to keep your skin protection at a peak. Our personal fav is (1) Physical Fusion UV Defense by SkinCeuticals, with zinc-oxide for radiant, weightless, lasting protection.


Tip 2: The Dry-Skin Disco

            Chances are, your spring break destination will expose you to a different climate than you are used to, so it is important to maintain your skins moisture as you travel. Combat dryness from sun, wind, and water with (2) Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. This is our favorite because it is thick and creamy but goes on light. You can use all over your body and on your face. Oh, and don’t forget to take care of your lips! We are obsessing over (3) Butterstick Lip Treatment by Kiehl’s. Choose your favorite shade or go untinted! This lip treatment is made with natural ingredients and has our favorite secret weapon, SPF.


Tip 3: Stay Fresh Faced

Whether you are on the beach, hitting the slopes, or cruising the city, you always want to look and feel your best. Stay dewy and maintain your natural glow with (4) Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray. Made with aloe, cucumber, and green tea, make this your go-to when your skin is in need of a cooling cocktail. Wick oil away from your skin, with (5) Green Tea Blotting Linens from Boscia. a couple of dabs to your T-tone will immediately make you look and feel fresh faced. Whether you are wearing make-up or going all natural, these should hold a special place in your heart… and your *Sherpani bag. Finally, (6) Radiance Cleansing Wipes by Simple will remove dirt at the end of a hike, shred through sand after a day at the beach, or simply breakup your make up after a dinner out. These pre-moistened wipes, are easy to use and even easier to travel with, so don’t forget them next time you head to the airport.


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