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Conquer Your Packing Fears

Sherpani has your back.

Your flights are booked, passport is ready, but if you’re like us, the daunting task of packing for a trip can quickly overshadow the excitement of your getaway. You worry about packing too much or too little, stress about what you are forgetting, and panic when it doesn’t all fit in your suitcase. We get it. We are here to help.

How to Pack

            Pack in advance! It is imperative that you give yourself enough time to pack. Having time means having peace of mind, and that is simply something you cannot sacrifice when you are preparing for a week of relaxation. This will allow for unwavering confidence because you have a chance to lay everything out and fill in any wardrobe gaps!

            Give yourself a home fashion show. We recommend packing by outfit, not by pieces. So have a little fun with it and try everything on as you go! You know what looks and feels good on your body, so on some music and strut it out in front of your mirror. Maximize the space in your suitcase and add a little more versatility to your spring break wardrobe by challenging yourself to use the same top or skirt for multiple outfits.

            Minimize accessories. Less is more—especially when traveling! Do your absolute best to keep any accessories to a minimum. You’ll leave more space for clothing and toiletries! This is most important when it comes to shoes. Shoes tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so choose one or two pairs you know you can do it all in. You’ll thank us later.


What to Take it All in

            Okay, now you have the perfect wardrobe to accompany you on your getaway. What do you put it all in? Here are our most beloved travel bags, for any kind of traveler, going anywhere in the world:

The Camden

Made for: The Nomad

This bag is perfect if you are hitting multiple hot spots throughout your trip. Easy to pack, easier to organize, this bag was made for adventure. It will be an asset whether you are summiting peaks, exploring city blocks or sailing the deep blue.

The Tempest

Made for: The Trendy Traveler 

Don’t let jet-setting take away from trend-setting. Whether you are wearing the Tempest as a backpack or shoulder bag, you are maximizing space, convenience and most importantly, your style. This bag holds all your daily necessities, while maintaining your trendy tendencies. Ideal as a carry-on or for day trips.

The Meridian 

Made for: The Sojourner of Worlds

6.5lbs. Carry-on capable. Anti-crush. TSA approved zipper lock and keys. 100% Vegan. Need I say more? This is all you will ever need to travel anywhere in the world. Surprisingly spacious, durable, light, quick, and cute, take the Meridian anywhere and never have to endure leaving out that last pair of shoes again.