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Veja: Brand Spotlight

Celia WilsonComment
Veja: Brand Spotlight

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The first time I discovered Veja I was in a Reformation about 2 years ago. I bought their Esplar sneaker in 'Extra White'. I have always been an avid lover of a timeless pair of white sneakers to complement any look and I had finally found my ideal pair!

Based out of Paris, France, the brand prides itself on it's ethical and sustainable principles. Sourcing all of it's materials (mainly cotton, leather and rubber) from Brazil, they help support the existence of the organic farmers and the Amazon rainforest by providing more sustainable management of it's resources. The brand also operates on a zero waste philosophy. That means no overproduction of trainers, money is spent on production instead of advertising and efforts are made to reduce CO2 emissions all throughout their supply chain.

I wanted to highlight this brand because, well-- their story is one that deeply aligns with my own values. I feel so grateful to live in a time where I can experience the world's delights without extreme heat or intense weather patterns from climate change. Or where some of the world's beauty has completely melted away. And I realize that this won't always be the case. Unless I start taking responsibility and making choices to be more sustainable, then the world will start to look and feel like a very different place-- as we all have already been rapidly experiencing. I realize it's an unattainable ideal to shop sustainably for everything. Which is why I just want to do what I can to live by my values and assist in tacking on maybe a few more years to this lovely planet's lifespan.

Since finding Veja, I've explored some of their other styles like the V-10 pictured here which has quickly become my go-to sneaker for the summer. I'm thinking maybe the copper Esplars or matte nude V-10's next? I can't get enough! Combining my V-10's with my Sherpani backpack in black vegan leather has made getting dressed in the morning so easy! Together they are the perfect accessories to make any piece in my closet look effortless and fresh. What's have been your go-to accessories so far this summer?

Photo Credit: Chelsy Mitchell

Photo Assistant: Leeza Regensburger

Styling: Celia Wilson & Leeza Regensburger