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Recycled Fashion

Celia WilsonComment
Recycled Fashion

Vintage 70's Two-Piece

Thrifted White Top

Sherpani Indie Backpack in Jet

Boots from Mexico

Vintage Shades

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It's a Saturday evening. And I'm sorting through my closet. Tossing articles of clothing over my shoulder, I've got a big pile on my bed. Why?? No, I'm not anti-social-- I swear. I just have so much crap I don't wear! Maybe it's something about Fall coming that's making me want to say out with the old and in with the... old?

I know what you're thinking! This girl has the saying all messed up!! But I meant what I said. My favorite way to reduce my wardrobe and shop for new things is to consign and then shop vintage! Throw away old. Buy new old. Simple really. So simple you'll start to wonder why you haven't done it more.  

And if there's one thing you can be sure about it's the good green karma you'll receive from buying used clothing and accessories. Items with a history-- a story, if you will. They have had a past life and now you're breathing new life into them.  

Here I'm wearing a vintage two-piece from the 70's paired with my favorite Sherpani backpack in Vegan Eco-Leather for a sustainable, fashion-forward look.