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Nostalgia // Future

Celia WilsonComment
Nostalgia // Future

Reformation Jumpsuit

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Sherpani Backpack

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Lately I've been thinking a lot about design. And the emotions it evokes. We are in the Fall 2018 design process at the Sherpani offices. Which means the last month has been all about trend forecasting. And asking questions like what do we envision the Sherpani brand being like in 2018? Who is buying our bags? And what do they want? And how does the current cultural and political climate contribute to how our customers want to feel when they wear and use our product?

I feel, that in a world so constantly changing and evolving, I have a fear of something coming to an end. Of loss. Or something not lasting forever. And this evokes a deep sense of nostalgia-- making me want to rewind back the tape to old memories and ways of being that make me feel safe and at peace. Hence all the 35mm film photography! And my old city bike. So when I help design for Sherpani, I try to come up with a way to make a product that evokes the past-- but with a fresh take. A design that reminds me of those traditional designs that make me feel safe but with a hint of the future. 

Take the tassel for example. Tassels have been around since the dawn of time. Reminiscent of the Renaissance era, they nod towards a time of extravagance. Used for ornamentation on clothes, accessories and home decor, they are the ultimate sign of wealth. Lots of brands have found a way to reinvent the tassel these days making it new and fresh. Which is why Sherpani is coming out with a flat tassel for Fall 2017. Still evoking all the luxury of a golden tassel from Marie Antoinette's powder room but in a modern, minimal way. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like more futuristic designs or designs that remind you of the past? Or an interesting mixture of the two? Where do you fall in wanting to live in the past, present or future? 

Photo Credit: Chelsy Mitchell

Photo Assistant: Leeza Regensburger

Styling: Celia Wilson & Leeza Regensburger