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Sherpani Team's Top 5 Romantic Hikes in Colorado

Celia WilsonComment
Sherpani Team's Top 5 Romantic Hikes in Colorado

Looking for the perfect scenic hike to share with that special someone?


Look no further! I have compiled a few of the Sherpani team's favorite romantic hikes in Colorado. Whether you're spending this outdoor time with a loved one, your children, or even in solitude-- you will be sure to enjoy the romance the natural beauty of the mountains has to offer.


5. Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve 

The Great Sand Dunes National Park may be a bit of a trek if you are coming from the Boulder/Denver area but it is well worth your time and efforts! The Medano Creek runs along the base of the dunes for a relaxing stroll through a couple inches of warm water. If you close your eyes as you walk, it might even feel like a beach vacation just for a moment...

Distance: Since Medano Creek is a seasonal stream, your hike distance will vary depending upon the time of year. 

Difficulty: Easy

Parking: The best parking is available at Pinion Flats Campground right across from the Dunes and the Creek itself. 

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed on a leash. Although, if you plan on camping leave your pup at home. Dogs are not allowed at the Dunes for overnight camping trips.

4. Ice Lake and Island Lake in San Juan National Forest

Be warned, this hike is not for the faint of heart! But your reward for the eight mile round trip will be that this trail will not only give you views of one spectacular lake-- but two!! Both lakes offer pristine aqua blue water and little to no foot traffic. Stop at Ice Lake for a packed lunch and continue on to Island Lake for a quiet day surrounded by nature.  

Distance: 8 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Parking: Parking can be found at the trailhead right across the street from South Mineral Campground.

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed on a leash.

3. Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Straight out of a fairytale, Dream Lake will fulfill all your fantasies of a magical get-away with that special someone! Beginning at the Bear Lake Trailhead, you will follow the trail straight past a lilly pad filled Nymph Lake towards Dream Lake for a beautiful view of Hallet Peak. Bonus points if you go in the wee morning hours where the famous peak will be illuminated by the rising sun and reflected on the lake!

Distance: 2.1 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Parking: The hike to Dream Lake begins at the Bear Lake Trailhead. In the event that the parking lot at Bear Lake is full, a free shuttle-bus is available at the Bierstadt Trailhead where you can park and ride up to the Bear Lake Trailhead.

Dogs: Unfortunately, your pups will have to sit this one out. Dogs are not allowed in Rocky Mountain National Park.

2. Panorama Point Trail in Corwina Park

Panorama Point is the perfect trail for a short day hike just outside of Boulder near Golden, CO. This tucked away spot boasts of panoramic views of Mount Evans and an array of golden foliage that will take your breath away. The boulders at the top of the lookout also lend perfectly to a romantic rest stop with a view!

Distance: 2.7 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Parking: The parking lot can be easy to miss (it looks like someone's driveway). If that area is full parking can also be found along Highway 74 for a longer hike up to Panorama Point of 5 miles.

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed on a leash.

1. Maroon Bells near Aspen

There is no wonder that these peaks are the most photographed in all of North America. Known for it's scarlet 14ers, the Maroon Bells make a reflection so vivid on the lake that precedes them you will literally be seeing double! As if the view weren't enough, the wildflower covered meadow or creek trail lend for a perfect picnic date. 

Distance: Distance will vary depending upon which trail you decide to take. Maroon Lake Scenic Trail is an easy 1 mile hike that takes you around the lake. Maroon Creek Trail is a 3.2 mile trail that leads you through breath-taking aspen forests and alpine meadows. Finally, Crater Lake Trail is a 4 mile hike that offers views of Crater Lake and it's surroundings.

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Parking: Since there is restricted car access from 8am-5pm, if you go between these hours you must park your car at the Aspen Highlands Ski area and take the RFTA bus up to the Maroon Bells. 

Dogs: Yes, dogs are allowed on a leash.


Happy hiking!


Photo Credit: Nikki Nixon