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Meet the Team: Poet

Celia WilsonComment
Meet the Team: Poet


Poet Banning Johanna Lyon



Boulder, Colorado



Retail Sales Associate


This week I teamed up with my coworker to give you an inside look on what it's like to be a part of the Sherpani team here in Colorado. Only 17, Poet manages a light, soft spirit with an honesty and groundedness that tells the story of an old soul wise beyond her years. One day after closing, we went out to the alley behind the Boulder store to snap some photos. Between the sound of the shutter and the pop of bubble gum, I asked her about her dreams, aspirations and exactly how she managed to beat the summer heat in Rome! Read on for more --->



Right now I'm working on growing and pushing in everything in my life-- especially dance. I'm trying to get in as much dancing as I can before the Summer ends! When I'm not dancing I've been catching up on my reading and preparing for the start of the school year. 


My aspirations are to explore and create as much as possible! And inspire others in doing so.


My favorite thing about working at Sherpani is the amazing team! Everyone is so driven and hard-working but also so fun and welcoming. There's always something new and exciting happening everyday. 


This Summer I was lucky enough to spend the past three weeks in Europe! I started in Iceland where I saw the most surreal landscapes filled with waterfalls, natural hot springs, lava fields and glaciers. Then I headed to London for a few days where my boyfriend flew in to meet me. From there, the two of us went to Rome where we survived 100 degree heat with lots and LOTS of gelato before hopping on a train to Florence. Firenze, they call it was my favorite spot by far. You can spend the whole day just walking around the city admiring the renaissance art and architecture in between delicious Tuscan snacks! We ended our trip in Paris. We spent the week perusing farmer's markets, touring museums, walking along the Seine and eating as much cheese as humanly possible! As far as the rest of the summer goes, I'm hoping to make it up to the mountains to camp for a few nights with my friends before school starts! 


My favorite way to help and/or feel connected to the Earth is to get out in nature!! Whenever I have time I head up into the mountains to hike, camp, or just hang out surrounded by all that beauty! 


My go-to Sherpani bag is the Paige in Natural!


What I care about more than anything in the world is my family, friends, my boyfriend and my kitty, Oreo.

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