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Cherries for Breakfast

Celia WilsonComment
Cherries for Breakfast

Zara Dress

Vintage Head Scarf

Cherry Earrings by Andrea Smith

Sherpani Bag

Leather Boots from Mexico

Chain Bracelet Found Object

There's nothing that says summer quite like Americana vibes and cherries! Oh yeah, and New York City! While I was back on the East Coast this past week my favorite thing to do every morning was to run down to the nearest corner deli and grab a bunch of fresh fruit for breakfast. Sitting on my old fire escape, coffee in hand, cherry stem in mouth-- already sweating from the 90 degree heat discussing the days' plans with my best friend is how I choose to start my days when in BK. For the deli run, I like an easy breezy dress like this little gigham number. Maybe with a pair of shades and a head scarf to disguise how late I stayed out dancing the night before-- yikes! As for a bag, I'm toting the Faith by Sherpani. I'm so excited for this bag -one of our best-sellers- to be released in this new army green color way for Fall! It's the perfect neutral but still a color for pairing with just about anything. 


Photo Credit: Chelsy Mitchell

Photo Assistant: Leeza Regensburger

Styling: Celia Wilson & Leeza Regensburger