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9 Camping Essentials

Celia WilsonComment
9 Camping Essentials

Fall is almost upon us! And any Colorado native knows what that means... Weekends spent around the campfire, surrounded by trees, soaking up the sun and marveling at the stars, potentially covered in dirt-- but happy. And at peace.

This is my personal favorite way to spend my time once the mountain-desert begins to cool off from the Summer heat. Which is why I put together this list of my 9 camping essentials I wouldn't be caught dead in the mountains without! 

1. Water, water water! 

Everyone knows the importance of hydration, especially at high altitudes. I always bring my own gallon jugs of water-- just in case. Especially if I am going to be back-country camping without a water hookup. This also allows me to make hot tea at night and coffee in the morning! 

2. Sunscreen

The necessary protection for the outdoors. My recent natural favorite has been Juice Beauty's SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen. It has a fresh herbal-citrus smell, is water-resistant and leaves my skin with a lovely dewy texture!

3. Homemade trail mix

Before every camping trip I have a tradition. Yes, obviously s'mores. But also something a little healthier to hit the trail with. 

4. Portable Burner

Perfect to make a quick cup of tea or coffee!

5. Guitar

The perfect pass-time when for you don't have service and a must-have for me when I go camping! Campfires lend perfectly to long practice sessions.

6. My Sherpani Indie & Finn

Both are perfectly suited for the outdoors since they are water-resistant and washable! I pack my Finn full of all my clothes and use my Indie as a day bag, filling it with my camera and hiking essentials.

7. Tea and Whiskey!

Nothing like rewarding yourself with an après-hike hot toddy while looking for shooting stars!

8. Camera & Film

My favorite thing about camping is exploring new places with friends. I love documenting these experiences with my Pentax because it's always such a surprise when I get the photos back from the lab!

9. An hour long disco playlist!

The photos from this camping trip are the result of a 8 hour round-trip drive to Pinion Flats Campground in Mosca, CO. Which is why I wouldn't be caught DEAD without a funky upbeat playlist to get me through the drive! Below I've included a link to the grooviest disco playlist around that will be sure to have you boogying until you get to your destination.